Purity Nkatha, 32 years, A Proud Mother Who Scored a B Minus: 2020KCSE

Purity Nkatha, 32 years, A Proud Mother Who Scored a B Minus: 2020KCSE. Photo Courtesy
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Purity Nkatha, 32 years, A Proud Mother Who Scored a B Minus: 2020KCSE

Age is just a number. My two cents. Imagine completing your fourth form at 32 years. After seven years of marriage, Purity Nkatha, 32 years old lady, who resumed school in 2018 managed to score a B minus grade in the recently released 2020 KCSE results.

Nkatha a firstborn from a family of eight, dropped out of school in 2006 after a family conflict between her mother and her stepfather.

The stepfather chased her away threatening to kill her, kicked her mother out, and as if not enough, the stepfather sold their only and in Timau, Buuri Constituency in Meru County.

In an interview with Citizen, Nkatha said she had to figure out how she would help their mother and her siblings as a first borns’ responsibility who were now leaving in a small rented house. She left Meru for Malindi with the hope of a relative’s help who had promised a “job”.

Upon reaching Malindi, Nkatha was offered the promised ‘job’ which she declined as it was prostitution. She was thrown out at night which saw her get some help from a well-wisher who was working with Safaricom in Malindi town and gave her a place to stay.

Purity Nkatha, 32 years, A Proud Mother Who Scored a B Minus: 2020KCSE. Photo Courtesy

Nkatha still had a great desire to soldier on and complete her secondary school studies and when she met her spouse Samuel Ng’ang’a Githuku in 2012, she knew that she would accomplish her dream. Her partner is a high school teacher.

They got a child, a daughter, and he also began to support her family back home. Then in 2018, Nkatha started her private studies: she would read Form 1 and Form 2 books in preparation to go back to school.

In 2019, she joined Magumoni Girls’ Secondary School, a boarding school in Tharaka Nithi County, with the support of her husband who took over caring for their now 7-year-old daughter.

Nkatha says that she proudly wore her school uniform and interacted well with the young girls who became her classmates and even the teachers, some of whom were younger than her.

Her preparations for the national examinations which were held earlier this year were however hampered by illness.

She fell sick in September last year and was admitted to various hospitals in Isiolo and Meru counties before she was taken to Karen Hospital-Nairobi in February this year.

Nkatha was diagnosed with a condition known as an autoimmune disorder and due to the challenges, she was unable to prepare well for the exams, having not completed the syllabus.

She was however determined to cover for the lost time in hospital, and revised for the exams while taking her medication.

Despite all odds, she still managed to score a B minus grade.

Nkatha now intends to join the university and pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Education, which she says will help her give back to the community.

She wants to help other girls get an education irrespective of their backgrounds, as she is also a beneficiary of other people’s goodwill.

Her husband, Samuel Githuku, a teacher of English and Literature at Isiolo Boys’ High School, advises fellow men whose wives have a desire to get an education, to support them fully.

Purity Nkatha and her husband. Photo Courtesy

He says the benefits of an educated wife still trickle down to the entire family and urges men not to be afraid of losing their wives when they get an education.

The father of one said that it was a challenge when Nkatha left a little girl under his care in Isiolo, but all the efforts were worthwhile, as his spouse has posted impressive results.

He says he intends to support her to pursue her studies up to Masters and PD level.

The performance of the 32-year-old has given hope to girls who drop out of school for various reasons, showing that they can also resume studies and do well.

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