Condom Shortage In Naivasha

Condom Shortage In Naivasha. Photo Courtesy
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Condom Shortage In Naivasha

Vasha’ as they call it, is the talk of town this weekend. I hope you and your bae are on good terms becauuuuse…

With all roads leading to Naivasha for the second edition of the WRC World Safari Rally championship, merry-making has been the order of the day with chemists running out of the commodity.

Stanley Ngara, popularly referred to as the ‘King of Condom’, said the freely distributed government condoms had run out since the demand was very high. Ngara said that the sudden increase in visitors to Naivasha and commercial sex workers are having a field day leading to the shortage.

Condom Shortage In Naivasha. Photo Courtesy

“We have managed to buy and distribute to our lovely Kenyans. The demand is very high as we are talking. The sex workers are busy,” Stanley said.

Shop owners say condoms have been selling like hotcakes. They have run out of stock since they never anticipated the sudden increase in demand.

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