Sheng’ Words Crossed Over In 2021

Thanks to Mbogi Genje we learned. Photo Courtesy
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Sheng’ Words Crossed Over In 2021

Thanks to Mbogi Genje we learned. Photo Courtesy

Muok. Kuja. This has been used a lot in 2020. Tunamuok home kesho

Mbwegze: Kukuwa wawili. Mfano kwa sentensi – ‘hao senke walikuwa mbwegze’, or ‘uko Umoja, sikuwa jamo (alone), tulikuwa mbwegze na nguku wangu.’

Kumuok. Having a lot of money and changing your class or style of living.

Odi: A very ordinary person or thing! ‘Oti si mnoma, ye ni Odi tu’

Rieng/Rada: What’s the plan? Fomu Ni gani?

Nguna/ Maguna: A sexy lady/ ladies. Mfano kwa sentensi: ‘Rada ni kukutana Fomu na maguna.

Nauwo. You understand, you know. Heard of these people that end every sentence with ‘You know’

Dipra. A Prado. A big vehicle or any large fuel guzzler.

Chungli. Kali sana. Very strong

Kanja. Being paid. Kulipwa salary.

Idra. Kumekauka. 2020 ilikua imeidra mbaya.


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