Credit bank set to improve its online services

Credit Bank
Eric Nyachaei Credit Bank Executive Officer
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Credit bank has improved its experiences for its corporate clients

Credit bank has announced the launch of a service that will see baking services to the homes of corporate clients. Its clients will have an opportunity to bank their cheques from home.

This comes at a need when the country is fighting the spread of Coronavirus with clients working from home. Credit bank has enhanced its online services by providing free online money transfers services which have positively impacted its delivery of services.

Credit Bank

Eric Nyachaei Credit Bank Executive Officer

Credit bank Executive officer Eric Nyachaei saidWe are aware that businesses and customers are in need of additional help, and hence as Credit Bank, we have opened up virtual video conferencing applications like zoom and skype to be able to meet clientele virtually through their relationship managers”

Nyachaei says the situation requires constant, careful handling from institutions as they seek to reassure customers, respond to their concerns, and earn their trust during this volatile period.

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