Mitumba Traders Assured Of Support And Protection By Ruto

Mitumba Traders Assured Of Support And Protection By Ruto. Photo Courtesy
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Mitumba Traders Assured Of Support And Protection By Ruto

Deputy President William Ruto has assured second-hand clothes traders that his government will introduce legislation that will protect small and medium traders including Mitumba traders from exploitation and protect their business.

The Deputy President said that the mitumba trade is not a threat to the textile industry in Kenya and the two sectors serve different segments of the community.

“My government will establish processes and systems that will see the establishment of textile factories here in Kenya, and also ensure the growth and expansion of the mitumba trade,” Ruto said.

The Deputy President further stated that his government and the Nairobi County Government will build modern new markets that will have specific areas for second-hand traders.

United Democratic Alliance Deputy Presidential candidate Rigathi Gachagua said Mitumba had given many Kenyans dignity.

Mitumba Traders Assured Of Support And Protection By Ruto. Photo Courtesy

“Before Mitumba, many Kenyans at the bottom of the pyramid used to be in rags and near nakedness,” he said.

ANC Leader Musalia Mudavadi pointed out that the government should never have taken drastic action against any business without consulting the stakeholders.

Nairobi Senator and UDA Governor Candidate Johnson Sakaja on his part alluded that the frequent fires in Gikomba are engineered to displace Gikomba traders. Sakaja also pledged to repossess the land in Gikomba that has been illegally taken over by some government agencies.

Sakaja also asked the Deputy President to declare over 16 acres of Gikomba land public land and gazette it as an open-air market.

Susan Kemunto speaking on behalf of the mitumba traders said they are seeking government protection for the mitumba business just like other businesses.

She raised the issue of the heavy-duty the traders pay to KRA at the port, forcing many traders to seek financing from shylocks.

The Deputy President in response to this said that his government will make it easy for small traders to access credit and will establish a Kah 50 billion fund that will support the business community to grow.


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