Common Issues Faced By Cohabiting Couples

Common Issues Faced By Cohabiting Couples. Photo Courtesy
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Common Issues Faced By Cohabiting Couples

More couples are cohabiting today, but that doesn’t mean it has gotten easier since 1987 nor has the level of commitment risen. Cohabiting couples have to rely on each other for all the responsibilities of caring for a house while maintaining their relationship and school or work responsibilities.

Here are five common issues faced by cohabiting couples.

Sex Issues

When a couple lives together, there is more time to spend in the bedroom that they own together. Some want sex scheduled others want the match going down every day. You choose your struggle darling! In addition, if there are no measures taken for family planning, Boom! A child comes. However, if the couple has open communication regarding their expectations, an unplanned pregnancy can be avoided.

Increased fights

young couples who live together have the added pressure of classes, partying, and expectations for sexual activity.  Couples who work together to solve their conflicts will have a better chance of finding a healthy solution.

Affects future commitment

Cohabiting couples who decide to live together often see themselves getting married one day. Although there is an increase in cohabitation, there is a decrease in marriage among Millennials. By grouping one’s self to cohabiting with a boyfriend or girlfriend, it limits their ability to go out and meet other people. You are giving up your freedoms, both personally, emotionally, and financially.

Common Issues Faced By Cohabiting Couples. Photo Courtesy


When cohabiting, it means money for two is needed. Cost-sharing rent is one of the common survival tactics, especially in Nairobi. However, after moving in together the woman may act married and leave the burden of rent to her “husband”. Before jumping on the decision to cohabit, you all need to have a serious discussion about savings, investments, and spending habits.

Alone Time

It’s healthy to spend time alone whether you’re self-reflecting or simply taking part in a favorite solo activity. While it can be scary to feel like you need and want time away from your partner there comes a point you want some space to be in your own world doing your own things.

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