Bridegroom loses Mercedes Benz on the wedding day in Meru

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A bridegroom in Meru county has been left in shock and disbelief after he mysteriously lost his Mercedes Benz during his wedding ceremony. The shocking incident took place during the course of the function that saw Josphat Mondika tie the knot with his wife Judith Kimani.

In an interview, Mondika said. “After the priest finalized solemnizing our marriage, we were thrown into confusion following reports that my vehicle was missing. We could not understand what had happened. We tried seeking help from law enforces but the process was slow. There was also no CCTV at the premise which complicated the issue,”

Mondika who is a manager with a local bank had to seek another means of transport after the loss. The car had allegedly been driven to the invites-only venue by one of the family members.

“After I had reported the matter to the police, I had to postpone my honeymoon to look for my car. The task was daunting but good enough, I was directed to Daktari Okello Nyasi wa Manyasi who helped me in tracking the vehicle hidden. It has been driven and hidden in a garage in Mombasa. Daktari Nyasi, a renowned herbalist forced the two thieves to start feeding on grass. When we reached the scene. To our chagrin, one of the suspects was a wedding committee member,” he said.

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