See Omosh’s House Ready For Use.

See Omosh’s House Ready For Use. Photo Courtesy
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Omosh’s House Finally Ready, to Be Handed Over to Him by Chief Guest Jalang’o

Former Tahidi High actor Peter Kinuthia “Omosh” that was under construction is now complete.

Linnet Kathambi aka Kathy Andrews who runs SUNG Timber, the company that offered to gift the thespian a house, disclosed that the house will be handed over tomorrow. “The chief guest will be Jalang’o. He and Omosh made peace and he will be there to officiate the handing over,” she told TUKO.

The three-bedroom master ensuite house with an American open plan kitchen and one common washroom is located in Malaa along Kangundo road. Asked about the value of the building to this point, she explained that it is difficult to come up with a figure because different well-wishers chipped in both financially and in-kind.

See Omosh’s House Ready For Use. Photo Courtesy

Omosh told TUKO that those who have been claiming he will sell the house can continue doing so but he cannot do such a thing. “I cannot sell a present, that would be a curse. From where I come, we don’t sell or give away gifts to third parties so let them talk,” he said. He added that the property is something he values greatly and holds very dear given the circumstances under which he received it.

Kathambi also corroborated the thespian’s words, allaying public fears that he will let go of it in exchange for money.

“That is social media talk, but I doubt he can sell the house because I know the biggest dream for him is to settle his family, and that’s what we gave him,” she underpinned.


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