“I will Retire A Happy Man” CJ Maraga

Chief Justice David Maraga. Photo Courtesy
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CJ Maraga: Friday Is My Last Day In Office

Having had a number of challenges in his office, Chief Justice David Maraga said he was set to retire a happy man, even though he did not achieve everything he planned to do due to challenges that were beyond him.

He started his last week in the office at his hometown of Nyamira where he reopened Manga Law Courts which is one of the oldest courts in the country, having been used by colonialists in pre-independence Kenya.

Chief Justice David Maraga. Photo Courtesy

The CJ hit out at MPs for failing to enact enabling legislation to ensure proper funding of the Judiciary saying the MPs did nothing to address the challenge of funding that had stalled development in the Judiciary.

“Someone says Maraga wants money, for what? For my personal use? No! We want to build courts for Kenyans. Is that a bad thing,” he posed, adding: “The MPs are always in my office asking me to open courts in their areas. I am telling you if they passed between Sh5 billion and Sh10 billion for the development of the Judiciary, then all areas would have courts, whose beneficiaries would be Kenyans.”

Maraga said he is happy with his tenure having taken over the office in October 2016 when he took over from Willy Mutunga. He is the country’s 14th Chief Justice.

He has asked his successor to be brave and work for the truth because “the job is not easy.”

“All this far is because of the people’s prayers and I ask Kenyans to pray for the next CJ as this job needs God to guide you through. I thank all who prayed for me to this end”, added Maraga.

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