16-Year-Old Defiles His 9-Year-Old Cousin

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On The Run After Defiling Cousin Aged 9

A 9-year-old girl is receiving treatment in Mautuma Sub-County Hospital after being defiled by her cousin on Wednesday. Children’s rights activist in Lugari Constituency, Kakamega County are calling for the arrest of the boy who is on the run.

The victim’s mother said she sent her daughter to fetch firewood when her cousin attacked her.

She added “On Wednesday evening, my daughter who had gone to fetch firewood, ran towards me while crying and said she had been sexually abused by her cousin. According to my child, the teenager took her into a maize plantation, where the defilement took place”

The girl’s mother has been urged by women’s rights activist Alice Ombima to file a report with authorities instead of settling it court.

While condemning the incident, Alice said, “Most times, when such atrocities are conducted by relatives, the aggrieved parties usually choose to settle the matter out of court. In this case, I strongly urge the girl’s mother against resolved the matter out of court. The child was completely hurt”

The 16-year-old boy who defiled the young girl is still at large.

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