Why Emotional Affair Is Dangerous In Your Relationship

Is your partner having an emotional affair?
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Is your partner having an emotional affair?

For the most part, people understand the idea of cheating is when someone has sexual relations with anyone other than their partner. That is not true. And unless it’s an arrangement between you and your partner, being emotionally disloyal in that manner is cheating.

At the same time, there is a deeper understanding of what cheating is. It’s possible to emotionally cheat because It doesn’t always have to involve the physical stuff.

In some ways, emotional cheating is worse because it’s a direct invasion of the emotional foundation and connection you have with your partner. It’s just as heartbreaking as finding out your ‘faithful’ bae has been in bed with someone else and these are some of the ways you can tell what’s going on:

Is your partner having an emotional affair?

  • They are always texting someone

When you’ve been together for a minute, there are those patterns that define your routine as a couple. There’s a way you can know your partner is on their phone playing a game or scrolling through their social media vs when they’re actually engaging with someone else.

If they’re now always busy replying to messages in their DMs or WhatsApp, there might be someone new they’re connecting with.

  • They are more active on social media

Deciding that you want to be more present on social media doesn’t automatically mean that your goal is to cheat. However, social media is a common avenue for people to have a whole emotional relationship even without meeting each other.

It’s a red flag if they’ve never been interested in being active on social media but is now doing that more and it’s also a big sign if they’re posting sexier, risqué photos of themselves. They might be doing it to catch someone’s attention.

  • They keep bringing up someone specific

Check how many times your partner keeps bringing someone up in your conversations. It doesn’t matter if it’s their coworker, their best friend or even their church ‘friend’. And it doesn’t even have to be someone of the opposite sex because nowadays you never know!

The streets are unforgiving so you have to look at details like how often they keep bringing this person up and how they talk about them.

  • They suddenly care more about their looks

This might seem like a cliché point but it’s actually a real sign. You might notice that your partner was more laid back but they’re now obsessing about the gym or that they’re more interested in wearing more figure-hugging outfits when they’re going to work when they weren’t doing that before.

It’s completely normal for people to change their habits but in these types of situations, it might not be what you think.

  • Something is off

It’s very hard for you to spread your emotions to different people while maintaining the same intensity. When someone has left the relationship emotionally, they will seem more distracted, the sex won’t be the same and you will just have this feeling that they’re not who they used to be.

When you feel that something isn’t right and you’re seeing some other unusual signs, you need to find out what’s going on because your gut is right and trying to warn you.

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