Jowie Irungu Releases A Gospel Song

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Kenyans in awe of ex-prisoners voice after the release of gospel song Nishikilie

Jowie Irungu announced on Monday, August 16 that he will be releasing a gospel song dubbed Nishikilie. Kenyans have since been eager to listen to his song which he has finally released.

The much-awaited song by Jowie Irungu who is an ex-convict has seen many Kenyans appreciate his talent and the message. The song that has attracted a lot of Kenyans is meant to give him hope and strength.

His fans have applauded him saying they did not expect Irungu to be this talented.

Jowie was released from prison in February 2020 after he was granted KSh2 million cash bail that saw his family find every means to raise the funds. A few days after his release, he made changes to his Instagram page, rebranded it with a new name, and even made it private.

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