Ujaluo Ni Gharama! Eric Omondi At It Again

Ujaluo Ni Gharama! Eric Omondi At It Again
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Eric Omondi Searching For An Architect To Build His “Presidential Palace”

Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi has announced that he wants a professional architect to help him build his new home.

The controversial comedian, through his Instagram account on Wednesday, stated that he needed professionals to help him achieve a grand monument, one he calls the “presidential palace.”

“I want to officially call upon any architect/Engineers to help me come up with a masterpiece for this house. We will shortlist and give the job to one,” wrote Omondi.

Ujaluo Ni Gharama! Eric Omondi At It Again

“If you are looking for an architect or you know one, this is your chance.”

In the videos, Omondi was seen fencing his portion of land at an undisclosed location, having a fictitious monologue in which he shared his fantasies about the to-be-abode.

He added that he shall give subsequent updates on the progress from groundbreaking to its completion, set for the start of 2023.

Comments then flooded his comment section as fans, skeptics and opportunity sponges jumped on the bandwagon:

“Now this is what I like to see not those other antics of yours.” commented a fan.

“Doing a great job, congratulations,” wrote another.

“When it reaches time ya kupaint please contact me.”

“Hii nitaamini nikiona title deed.”

“I’m a civil engineer, let’s link up”

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