Uhuru says BBI Is popular in Mt Kenya

Uhuru says BBI Is popular in Mt Kenya. Photo Courtesy
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Uhuru says BBI Is popular in Mt Kenya, as he blasts opposers

Speaking during an interview with Coro FM Monday, President Kenyatta instead blamed a section of politicians in the region for peddling lies about the initiative which he says seeks to offer solutions to perennial problems facing the country.

The President lashed out at the BBI opponents for stirring up incitement among Kenyans through the dynasty versus hustler narrative which he warned as divisive.

“If someone wants to use the logic that because my father was President and now I am president our Family is a dynasty. Does that mean if your father was a doctor that you should not be one? He posed adding “I will take insults any day but anyone who thinks that he will cause violence in Kenya for political expediency will face a different Uhuru, my silence should not be mistaken for cowardice”.

Uhuru says BBI Is popular in Mt Kenya. Photo Courtesy

He said he was saddened to see leaders driven by selfishness misleading Kenyans who were falling prey to political rhetoric.

“As they go round doing their street rallies, they are only talking about the projects they have done with me. Those projects are done from this office of mine, not from the roofs of those cars.”

The Head of State asked Kenyans to look at the benefits of the BBI against the cost of the referendum.

“I don’t know where people got the cost of Sh14 billion. But even so, these people are on a daily basis stealing that Sh2 billion you hear people talking about. These people are deceitful,” Uhuru said.

He said dismissed claims that the BBI was a 2022 weapon against certain individuals explaining that on the contrary, it will bring forth lasting gains.

He promised to visit the region soon to hold discussions with people and listen to their concerns.

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