Rindikiri, Buuri Mp Disburses Uwezo Fund

Rindikiri, Buuri Mp Disburses Uwezo Fund
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Rindikiri, Buuri Mp Disburses Uwezo Fund

Buuri MP Hon Rindikiri Murwithania yesterday at Ebeneza E.A.P.C Kiirua church was joined by women from various regions of Buuri to receive their Uwezo Fund share. A total of 63 registered groups benefited with each group receiving over 100 thousand Kenya shillings.

However, 27 groups had not met the requirements but the MP reminded them to complete the documentation in order to receive their cash later in the month. In the year 2020, a number of 44 groups benefited from Uwezo Fund yet in 2021 a growth has been recorded with 90 groups benefiting.

Rindikiri, Buuri Mp Disburses Uwezo Fund

Speaking during the function, Hon Rindikiri said that Buuri Constituency is ranked at number three (3) in Meru County in terms of Uwezo Fund uptake but the fastest-growing countrywide. He added that by the end of 2021, his office targets to have about 150 groups benefit from Uwezo fund, urging all groups to be registered and meet all the requirements to receive the funds.

Even with the Youth Enterprise Fund still low in Buuri and across the country, the MP emphasized and urged the youths to take up the funds.

Leaders who joined the MP, including the MCAs, Uwezo Fund officers, Buuri Constituency staff, and Uwezo fund CEO Mr. Peter Lengapian have encouraged people with disabilities to take up the task of registering their groups.

Lengapian promised to work hand in hand with Buuri MP to help groups embarking on making products that have not been K.E.B.S standardized in order for them to sell their products with ease as required by the government.

The beneficiaries have lauded the MP saying they are pleased to have received more money that will help them in their small businesses while some saying they will invest it in small-scale farming.

Hon Rindikiri is well known for the support and love of the youth and women. He said that the Uwezo Fund will enable women, youth, and persons with disabilities to access finances to promote businesses and enterprises in his constituency thereby enhancing economic growth.

Point To Note

A social service office and a Youth Office have been set up in Kiirua DCC office for Buuri East for group registration and all the inquiries.

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