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KPLC To Clear Power Lines At Soysambu Conservancy

KPLC To Clear Power Lines At Soysambu Conservancy after giraffes were electrocuted
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Kenya Power and Lightnin Company has on Monday commenced the process of clearing electricity distribution infrastructure at Soysambu Conservancy.

The development comes after the power company and representatives from the Wildlife Service visited the scene to assess the situation in Soysambu Conservancy in Nakuru after the death of three Rothschild giraffes over the weekend.

According to KPLC, the exercise which is in partnership with the Kenya Wildlife Service, Soysambu Conservancy’s management will also involve an audit of the entire infrastructure within the Conservancy to make any other rectifications that may be required.

KPLC To Clear Power Lines At Soysambu Conservancy after giraffes were electocuted

“We regret this incident because we recognize that wildlife forms an integral part of our natural and cultural psyche and we appreciate the feedback shared by various stakeholders on this matter,” said KPLC CEO Bernard Ngugi.

“Ensuring that we adhere to the highest forms of safety in all our undertakings, is a prerequisite for us. We thus take any electricity-related accidents seriously and we will use the lessons to avoid a recurrence of the same,” he added.

KPLC To Clear Power Lines At Soysambu Conservancy after giraffes were electrocuted

KPLC will also extend the audit exercise to other wildlife parks across the country to ensure that its infrastructure does not pose further danger.

Earlier, the Kenya Wildlife service said that KPLC is expected to replace the electricity poles to prevent electrocution of giraffes within the area.

Preliminary reports indicated that the height of the electricity poles crossing Soysambu Conservancy were low, below a giraffes height.

A section of Kenyans took to social media to react on the death of the giraffes caused by electrocution. Some notable conservationists noted that the issue had been raised severally with no action been taken.

“Not only the most endangered distinct populations of giraffe – The Rothschild’s giraffe, now we have to deal with KPLC  doing nothing about the low power lines that are electrocuting these beautiful species at Soysambu farm,” said Karen Karimi.

“These distressing photos of endangered Rothschild giraffe killed on power line in Soysambu have troubled people around the world. No delay. Please take urgent action. Giraffes are endangered,” pleaded Paula kahumbu.

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