Fresh Boxers Are The Best.

Fresh boxers are the best
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Men Need To Change Their Boxers Daily

Studies have confirmed that some men do not pay as much attention as they should to their underwear. This has confirmed some of the worst stereotypes about males’ personal hygiene.

Single males have normally low chances of showing their underwear on a daily basis. Thus, for some of them, changing underwear is usually saved for special occasions, not for everyday wear. The fact that men have not been traditionally raised to do their own laundry, accounts for this issue as well.

Single males have normally low chances of showing their underwear on a daily basis. Photo Courtesy

Men re-wear their underwear more than five times before washing them.
Everybody’s underwear contains traces of bacteria and fecal matter, which can cause a pretty bad smell. Not to mention the build-up of sweat and dead skin cells, which in combination with chafing and overgrowth of yeast can irritate the skin, leading to itching, unpleasant rashes, and even fungal conditions like staph infection or tinea cruris, commonly known as Jock itch.

This applies doubly if you are the sweaty, active type.

As a male, are there any health benefits to not wearing underwear or boxers under your pants?

In my view, there are no health benefits for men not wearing underwear, IF they wear a fresh one daily, with right fitting, absorbent, soft underwear. underwear provides support, especially for an active lifestyle. That is why even in aboriginal cultures, even though men may be naked, they may still be wearing something to support the package below. Try running without the underwear and you will understand…

Fresh boxers are the best

Fresh boxers are best. Do not count on the sniff test to help you, either. Bacteria may be present even without a smell, and you do not want to transfer the E.coli coming from your rear end to your face.


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