See What Happens When You Don’t Shower

What happens when stop showering? Photo Courtesy
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See What Happens When You Don’t Shower

When one doesn’t shower, there are obvious things that would happen like acquiring body odor, but over time you’d actually become immune to the smell.

What happens when stop showering? Photo Courtesy

Poor genitalia hygiene

The groin area is probably the most affected body part when it comes to not showering. Not only will the area stink badly, but it will also become prone to yeast infections and worse. An itchy sensation from all the dirt and bacteria accumulated there will also develop and will be incredibly uncomfortable.


Fungus can live on your skin, inside your mouth, and on your genitalia. Children, pregnant women, and overweight people are most likely to develop fungal infections. However, one of the biggest factors is, of course, poor hygiene. So cleaning those areas well is the most important step in becoming healthy again.

Excess dead skin

When you take a shower and scrub your skin, any dead skin cells are washed away to let the new ones grow. If you stop showering, a whole 4kg of dead skin cells will accumulate all over your body. This is not a look that anyone would want to fashion.

Offensive body odor

While sweat itself has no odor, the bacteria, and germs that are present in it definitely do. If a person has a body odor, they’ll develop an immunity to it. This condition is called olfactory fatigue meaning you won’t notice any bad smells from your own body after you’ve been subjected to smelling it for a long time. Others around you won’t be so lucky.

Acne and Breakouts

Acne and pimples will start breaking out everywhere from your face to your bum. The extra bacteria will cause inflammation of follicles and excessive sebum produced on your skin making pimples appear everywhere.

Although personal hygiene is important for your health, it’s possible to bathe too often. Daily showers might be part of your schedule, but at the end of the day, you need to do what’s best for your skin.

If you’re plagued by dry skin and looking for a way to stop skin inflammation and irritation, experiment with fewer showers. Or at the very least, limit your showers to five minutes and skip the hot water.

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