BlueInvest Africa 2024: An Ocean of Sustainable and Innovative Opportunities in Africa

BlueInvest Africa 2024: An Ocean of Sustainable and Innovative Opportunities in Africa
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BlueInvest Africa 2024: An Ocean of Sustainable and Innovative Opportunities in Africa

His Excellency Salim Mvurya, Cabinet Secretary, State Department for Mining, Blue Economy, and Maritime Affairs, and Her Excellency Henriette Geiger, European Union Ambassador to Kenya, confirm the attendance of His Excellency Dr. William S. Ruto, President of the Republic of Kenya at the second edition of Blue Invest Africa.

The highly anticipated Blue Invest Africa 2024 is set to take place on 3rd and 4th July in Kwale County, Kenya. The event is supported by the Government of Kenya and funded by the European Commission Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (DG MARE). Blue Invest Africa is a business-to-business event, that aims to catalyse the growth of Africa’s blue economy through strategic investments in small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

The business event will bring together key stakeholders from across the continent and beyond to explore opportunities for sustainable development in “blue economy” sectors such as fisheries, aquaculture, maritime transport, IT technologies, robotics, marine pollution, plastic litters, and renewable energy. The primary goal is to attract partners willing and equipped to foster the development of these projects.

Dennis Onkangi, CEO and Founder of Kuza Freezer who participated in the inaugural BlueInvest 2022 in the Seychelles described his experience as a pivotal moment for his small business. He added, “The experience and networking lead to grant funding shortly after. We also received exposure tantamount to credibility for our work”.

More than 600 applicants registered, out of which only 29 outstanding “blue” projects from across Africa have been handpicked for presentation to a panel of investors. BlueInvest Africa is a business-to-business platform for actionable discussions and networking, where public and private sector leaders can forge partnerships and investments that drive tangible economic impact.

BlueInvest Africa 2024: An Ocean of Sustainable and Innovative Opportunities in Africa

By focusing on Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, the event aims to empower local entrepreneurs and communities, fostering inclusive growth and resilience in Africa’s coastal regions.

Ms Christine Maina, CEO of the East African Venture Capitalist Association (EAVCA) the strategic investments that enable MSMES to scale up their businesses to make significant impact in sectors like the Blue Economy, iterated that “The blue economy, contributing over $25 billion annually and generating millions of jobs, shows immense potential. Blue investments have shown returns of up to 15% annually, significantly boosting local economies and promoting sustainability. By connecting visionary entrepreneurs with dedicated investors, we are paving the way for a brighter, more resilient future for East Africa’s coastal regions”

Mr John Gachora, CEO of the NCBA Bank says, “The blue economy sector not only employs many of our youth, but it also offers fantastic opportunities for small businesses. The financial sector remains ready to support the growth of this important sector in areas such as financing, trade, insurance and advisory. We look forward to partnering with the government and other like-minded actors to foster reform in Kenya’s blue economy.”

“BlueInvest strengthens the critical role played by investors and blue finance”, remarks EU Ambassador to Kenya Henriette Geiger. “We need innovation in science, technology, and business development, across all sectors of the blue economy to make entrepreneurship more sustainable, equitable and resilient to climate change.

“The African Blue Economy potential is ready for unlocking through investments to spur prosperity through innovation and development of market-oriented products. I encourage investors to attend the event to meet the keenly selected projects that will be presented,” says Cabinet Secretary Salim Mvurya.

The Blue Invest will feature a keynote address by H.E. Dr. William S. Ruto, President of the Republic of Kenya, panel discussions, and interactive sessions highlighting best practices, innovative solutions, and investment opportunities in the blue economy sector. Attendees can expect to engage with leading experts, investors, and policymakers, gaining valuable insights and forging meaningful connections to support their business objectives.

The focus for 2024 is to spotlight transformative projects within maritime and coastal sectors, as well as inland waters, emphasizing sustainable innovation, job creation, and marine ecosystem preservation.

This event provides a unique platform for African-based companies and global investors to forge strategic alliances, knowledge exchange, and propel the blue economy to unprecedented heights. BlueInvest Africa 2024 is the start of a movement towards a sustainable future, driven by the shared vision of a thriving blue economy that benefits the whole of Africa.

BlueInvest Africa 2024: An Ocean of Sustainable and Innovative Opportunities in Africa


BlueInvest Africa is an important business event, initiated by the European Commission in 2022. The objective of BlueInvest Africa is to facilitate meetings between African entrepreneurs seeking financing and international investors scouting for opportunities, all centred around projects capable of propelling Africa’s blue economy forward.

This initiative is a testament to the power of collaboration, symbolising a new era of partnership between Europe and Africa. Building on the resounding success of our inaugural edition in 2022, which brought together hundreds of participants from many African countries. BlueInvest Africa 2024 aims to elevate the blue economy in the EU-Africa political agenda.

Benefits for Participants

Participants of BlueInvest Africa 2024 stand to gain benefits from attending the event. Key advantages include:

  1. Networking Opportunities: Attendees will have the chance to connect with a diverse range of industry leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs from across Africa and Europe, offering unparalleled opportunities for networking and forming strategic partnerships.
  2. Access to Investors: For entrepreneurs and companies, the event provides a platform to present innovative projects to potential investors, opening doors to funding, mentorship, and collaboration opportunities.
  3. Knowledge Exchange: The event features expert talks, panel discussions, and workshops, enabling participants to gain insights into the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the blue economy sector.
  4. Visibility and Recognition: Presenting projects at such a prestigious event enhances visibility and recognition within the industry, which can be pivotal for emerging businesses and innovators.
  5. Collaboration with Public Authorities: The event facilitates interaction with public authorities, providing insights into regulatory frameworks and policies, which is crucial for businesses operating in the maritime and coastal sectors.
  6. Skill Development: Entrepreneurs and professionals can benefit from skill-building sessions and exposure to new ideas and technologies, which can be instrumental in driving their business strategies.
  7. Contributing to Sustainable Development: By participating, attendees contribute to the broader goal of sustainable development, helping to shape a blue economy that is environmentally responsible and economically viable.

Overall, BlueInvest Africa 2024 offers a comprehensive platform for information sharing, collaboration, and growth, making it an invaluable event for anyone involved in or interested in the sustainable blue economy.

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