An Order; Shoot-To-Kill Issued.

An Order; Shoot-To-Kill Issued… Photo Courtesy
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An Order; Shoot-To-Kill Issued.

Shoot-to-kill order issued in Kajiado against cattle rustlers.

The Kajiado County commissioner Joshua Nkanatha has issued a shoot-to-kill order against cattle rustlers in Kajiado East Sub-County.

Speaking in Kajiado, Nkanatha said the security agencies will now use maximum force to contain the rampant livestock theft that has seen over 1,000 sheep and goats stolen in the last six months alone.

The County Commissioner said preliminary investigations have implicated rogue businessmen who work with locals to facilitate the theft and soon they will be profiled and face the law.

An Order; Shoot-To-Kill Issued… Photo Courtesy

Nkanatha further said they are conducting thorough investigations on any involvement of security agencies in the syndicate that have left farmers counting massive losses.

He urged members of the public and security agencies to stop blame games and instead focus on looking for solutions to end the menace.

Nkanatha said they have so far netted four notorious thieves believed to be the ring leaders of the cartel and they are pursuing more suspects.

The commissioner directive comes at a time when farmers from Isinya Sub-County have been forced to keep vigil all day night to guard their livestock.

Recently, unknown criminals went round poisoning dogs which are ordinarily used by the herdsmen to guard livestock.

A major security meeting that will bring together locals and security agencies to be chaired by the County Commissioner is set for Thursday this week.

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