Dark Lips? What Are The Causes

Dark Lips? What Are The Causes
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Dark Lips? What Are The Causes

There is that sexy glow you see when you spot someone with pink lips, let’s call them kissable lips. Most of the ladies will have some lipstick on their lips to brighten up their dark lips but for men, it’s never a big deal as they aren’t bothered much about their facial looks if at all it doesn’t affect their beard (lol).

But one wonders, what are the causes?

Deficiency of Vitamins

One of the most important causes of dark lips is vitamin B12 deficiency. In this condition, you will get dark spots or patchy dark lips. When diagnosed then the doctor might tell you to have vitamin-rich foods and supplements as well. In some cases, injections might be required. Vitamin B 12 foods are mostly food in animal meat like eggs, chicken, fish, mushrooms, and fortified cereals.

Lack of water

Due to lack of hydration, decoloration of lips is also possible. It’s important to moisturize your lips all the time to avoid dryness, itching, and chapped lips. Water plays a vital role in keeping your lips and body hydrated.

Dark Lips? What Are The Causes

Smoking and alcohol

Smoking and drinking regularly can also lead to pigmented lips. Tobacco leads to an increase in the dark spots on the lips if taken very frequently.


Pigmentation can occur in any part of our body, in lips as well. It can be heredity or due to sun rays also melasma or hyperpigmentation can occur. Hormones also can be the cause of dark lips but can affect mostly pregnant ladies.


Taking wrong and over-the-counter medications without dermatologist concern can get dark lips. Using the wrong creams, without proper information can also lead to hyperpigmentation.

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