Take Personal Accident Cover, Internship Students Urged

Take Personal Accident Cover, Internship Students Urged. Photo Courtesy
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Take Personal Accident Cover, Internship Students Urged

The comprehensive cover is available for KShs 350 for training students

Students on internship have been urged to take up a personal accident cover to cushion against expenses that may arise due to an accident during an internship or industrial attachment this year.

“Unpredictable and unfortunate incidents occur in the workplace. The comprehensive cover is meant to provide much-needed financial aid in the event of injury, disability, or death caused by accidents,” said CIC General Manager Marketing and Customer Experience, Mr. Joseph Kamiri.

He added, “Accidents occur during internship training, and the personal accident cover steps in to cushion against expenses that may arise due to such incidents. This gives the employer and the student confidence as they focus on improving their capabilities in the job market.

Take Personal Accident Cover, Internship Students Urged. Photo Courtesy

It also ensures that the internship process is successful as the job market receives individuals skilled in their areas of learning which ultimately increases their chances of gaining employment.”

According to the 2019 Kenya National Census, at least 5.3 million youth or 38.9 percent of the 13,777,600 young Kenyans are jobless. This number might have grown significantly considering the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent tough economic times. Given this background, more training opportunities are required for individuals preparing to join the job market to gain the necessary skills.

The personal accident cover assists in case of an accident in a business environment or institution where the student is under internship. The customer, who in this case is the student, has insurance coverage in case of permanent total disability, accident-related medical expenses, recommended artificial appliances, death, and funeral expenses.

The product has been designed to be affordable and within reach. A student is required to pay at least KShs 350 for the three months of the internship. To increase access to services, CIC Group has made the product accessible in all its 25 branches across the country and technology platforms such as the website where the cover can be purchased fully, making it convenient for the customer.


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