Security Guard Helps Woman Give Birth At Busy Taxi Interchange

Security Guard Helps Woman Give Birth At Busy Taxi Interchange . Photo Courtesy
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A 36-year-old woman was traveling the Somerset Hospital for a check-up when she went into labour. The mom, Bomikazi Hlabongi, ended up giving birth at the busy Station Deck interchange. Security SA (SSA) operations staff member, Rafeeq Khan, gushed online after he helped a pregnant woman give birth.

The woman identified as Bomikazi Hlabongi approached the Security staff and they took her to the guardroom.

The staff tried getting an ambulance for her but it took longer to arrive and the officers had no choice but to help the lady. One of the security officers identified as Rafeeq Khan took to his Facebook page to share the experience with his followers.

In his post, the kind guard recounted how people judge them saying that a uniform should not define who one is. “We always get judged on what we do and the steps we take to uphold the law; I was always told this uniform shouldn’t define you as a person but how could I if I get to play different roles every day. Sometimes you a psychologist, fireman, mechanic and a bearer of bad news,” he wrote.

Security Guard Helps Woman Give Birth At Busy Taxi Interchange. Photo Courtesy

Khan referred to himself as a doctor for a good job and shared photos of the baby. He also disclosed the child’s name. “Today was totally different, today I assisted mommy and other colleagues deliver a baby, today I became a doctor. Meet Lulandalo, born at 9:15 on the 09/09/2020. Congratulations mommy, all the best for you and baby. Dr. Khan,” wrote Khan.

The new mom and applauded those who helped her. Hakierah Van Nelson commented: “Very good work guys, I wish all the staff will be able to do what you guys did, congratulations to the mother on the birth of her newborn, wish you guys only the best for the future.”

Kulsum Ebrahim said: “Congratulations to the staff what a blessing and experience… Wonderful, God bless you all.”

Jesmiena Leonard Doutie wrote: “Well done to the staff who delivered the baby.”

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