Scaling for Success With  Sinapis ASCENT Program

Scaling for Success With Sinapis ASCENT Program
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How Sinapis ASCENT Program Equips Entrepreneurs for Investor Readiness and Sustainable Growth

Entrepreneurs from diverse industries attended the Sinapis Group Ascent breakfast hosted by SNDBX, aimed at assisting entrepreneurs in scaling their businesses rapidly. Research shows that 70% of startups need help to grow.

The Ascent program helps a select group of founders and their leadership teams become investor-ready while providing them with faith-based principles for managing their organizations.

According to Dr. Steven Ojwang, Co-founder of Premiercare Hospital Group and an Ascent Alumni, “The Ascent program is an investment to sharpen the axe.” He stated that the program had aided his organization in streamlining operations, making it simpler to identify flaws in the system, and freeing him from the company, allowing him to work “on” the company instead of “in” it.

“Our company has a clear goal for scalability based on data insights rather than entrepreneurial instincts. This is a key priority of the program,” adds Dr. Ojwang. His participation in the program has also refined his Christian beliefs.

The Ascent program necessitates that founders bring their leadership team to the nine-month course, which includes an assessment.

“If you are building a high-performance A-Team, make sure you have A-Players in your bus,” says Ray Barreth, a serial entrepreneur and team leader at Ascent.

Scaling for Success With Sinapis ASCENT Program

“Ascent is structured as a workshop and not a classroom, so I am now in sync with my team about the company’s vision.” Nelson Ashitiva, founder of Ashitiva Advocates LLC and Ascent alumnus, remarkS.

During the program, Nelson and his leadership team were walked through their company vision board and were provided with toolkits to assist them in realizing their seven-year vision plan.

Ray Barreth states, “We want to help businesses become investor-ready. After the program, founders present to real investors to secure funding to scale their businesses.” Nelson encourages entrepreneurs to participate in the program for the transformation it can bring to their organization, themselves as founders, and their leadership team. The funding, according to him, would be an additional benefit.

Margaret Komen, the founder of Mace Foods LTD, based in Eldoret and Kenya’s leading chili processor, is also an Ascent alumnus. They serve ingredient and specialty food markets in Kenya and for export. “I’ve been through various programs, but this one has been truly unique and impactful…it has enabled me to bring my leadership team along and for us to move forward,”

The Ascent program is an ideal fit for CEOs/Founders with a team of 1-4 executives, a growth-stage business with a proven business model and expanding market potential, and annual revenues of at least $300,000 or KES 30M+.

With more than five employees, the program is an opportunity to explore how to live out faith and values through business while doubling the size of your business in 3-4 years. If you meet these requirements and are interested in taking your business to the next level, the Ascent program is the investment to sharpen the axe and build a high-performance team to 10x your organization.

The event was attended by Yvette Ondachi East Africa Regional Director of Training & Alumni at The Sinapis Group, Joram Mwinamo Co-founder and CEO of the SNDBX, a one-stop-shop collaborative space and innovation hub that provides resources and networking opportunities for entrepreneurs and startups.

Sinapis, a social enterprise dedicated to fostering discipleship and reducing poverty through entrepreneurship, manages the Ascent program.


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