‘Riggy G’, Meet The Lady Behind The Name

DP Gachagua Offers A Job To Lady Behind 'Riggy G' Nickname
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DP Gachagua Offers A Job To Lady Behind ‘Riggy G’ Nickname

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua on Monday finally met the lady who coined his now-popular nickname ‘Riggy G’.

Earlier this month the legislator expressed his liking for the nickname and announced that he had tasked his sons to look for the lady who came up with the name Riggy G so that he could reward her.

And true to his word, the deputy president on Monday received Ivy Chelimo in his office before tagging her along to a public function he was scheduled to attend in Kajiado.

DP Gachagua Offers A Job To Lady Behind ‘Riggy G’ Nickname

Speaking at the event marking World Food Day in Kajiado, Gachagua introduced Chelimo to the public and said he had offered her a job in his office. He however did not reveal which role he had assigned Chelimo.

“This lady is called Ivy Chelimo. She changed my name from Rigathi Gachagua and called me Riggy G. I have looked for her and awarded her a job opportunity in my office,” said Gachagua.

At the event, the DP also gave Chelimo an opportunity to introduce herself to the public.

“Good afternoon everyone. Thank you Mr. Deputy President for the job. He offered me a job. He is very passionate about the youth taking up places in this government…. I assure you he has things in place to ensure we the youth take up opportunities. And also you the youth, don’t sit down and wait for opportunities to come to you, run after activities as the youth. There is so much in this government for us to do,” she said in a brief address.


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