Questions Every Man Needs To Ask Himself

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Questions Every Man Needs to Ask Himself

How do I truly feel? Why am I being told to suppress my emotions? Am I not human?

How was my childhood and how did it positively or negatively affect me? Is my past affecting the future me?

How was/is my dad? Do I even really know him? What can I learn from him about who a man is and is not?

Is there a woman out there hurting because of me? Have I apologized to her or at the very least, have I asked for forgiveness from God?

Is there a woman out there who hurt me and am I hurting other women because of the pain she caused me?

The culture and lifestyle that I follow, who taught me, and why do I follow it? Is it serving me and hurting others, is it serving others and hurting me?

What is my personal view of sex? Not what my male friends, movies or society tells me. Have I been responsible for my penis?

When I look at myself in the mirror and money is not part of the equation, am I proud of the man looking back at me?

Are there at least 5 women out there who are not family and with who I do not have sexual relations who find me to be a blessing in their life?

If I am being honest with myself, what do I struggle with? Is it self-esteem, lust, temper, alcohol, smoking, indecision, pornography, and what am I doing about it?

Is there a man I can reach out to as a mentor? Is there a man I admire, not for the money he owns but the man he is?

Am I proud enough of my journey to mentor someone?

Am I growing or am I mark timing in the same level of growth?

The friends that I keep, what value do they add in my life? Do they add more troubles to my life? Are they ruining the good that I have?

What value do I add to other people’s lives or do I use people for my convenience?

Is there a fellow man so close to me that I can call a brother?

Why do I pursue the woman I am pursuing? Why her and not any other woman? What is my motive?

Why do I want to get married? Is it because of my age, societal pressure or because the lady I have been spending time with wants marriage? Is marriage my personal idea?

How do I treat my wife? Why do I treat her like that? If I had a daughter, would I be OK if her husband treated her the way I treat my wife? If my wife treated me the way I treat her, would I be happy?

What role am I playing in the child/children that I have sired? Besides provision, am I a good father?

How is my relationship with God and when God looks at me, what does He think of me? Not what do I

Am I man enough to love, to be vulnerable, to care for another, or is my fear making me selfish?

Do I love the job that I am doing? Does it bring me fulfillment?

What is my purpose and when I die, what legacy will I leave behind?


Felicity Gitonga
Felicity Gitonga is the founder of Africa Business News. abn, freelance writer, journalist, and author with a passion for telling stories.

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