Locked Up In A Rice Factory For Three Months?

The workers were locked up for three months amid concerns of COVID-19. Photo Courtesy
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Police in Nigeria have rescued more than 100 people they say were locked in a rice-processing factory and forced to work throughout a coronavirus lockdown.

Coronavirus has seen a lot of changes happen in our country and even across the border. In Nigeria, police have rescued more than 100 people from the end of March who were allegedly not allowed to leave the rice-processing factory in the northern city of Kano.

This came after police were tipped off about the men’s plight after one of them called a human rights organization.

The workers were locked up for three months amid concerns of COVID-19. Photo Courtesy

The workers were promised an additional $13 a month on top of their $72 monthly salary where those who did not accept were threatened with the sack. Some of these people say they were forced to work most of the time during their confinement, with little food.

Hamza Ibrahim 28, one of those rescued said “We were allowed to rest for only a short time, no prayers were allowed, no family visits,”

This has seen five managers at the Indian-owned mill being arrested.

Police spokesman Abdullahi Haruna says that the popular farm company had now been shut down and the owners were being investigated for holding the men against their will.

He said that 126 people had been found, although workers said there were 300.

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