Marijuana Key To Healthier Sex Life, Study Finds

Marijuana Key To Healthier Sex Life, Study Finds. Photo Courtesy
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Marijuana Key To Healthier Sex Life, Study Finds

A study from researchers at the University of Almeria in Spain has found that Marijuana use could improve sex and orgasms.

After surveying 274 Spanish people who were between 18 and 30, the researchers found those who consumed cannabis before sex reported more satisfying experiences than those who abstained from weed or mixed weed and alcohol.

This isn’t the first study of its kind, in 2019, the Journal of Sexual Medicine published that cannabis could make a woman’s orgasm more satisfying.

Marijuana Key To Healthier Sex Life, Study Finds. Photo Courtesy

What the two studies reveal is that more often than not, issues such as stress, low libido difficulty with arousal, pain on penetration, anxiety and PTSD can hamper orgasm achievement.

For the study, the University of Almeria researchers enlisted 89 male and 185 female volunteers who either used cannabis, alcohol, or neither. People who used other drugs or had underlying conditions like depression and diabetes were excluded from the study. They surveyed each of the 274 participants about their age, sexual orientation, education level, cannabis and alcohol consumption, and sexual function.

Overall, both male and female participants who used cannabis regularly were more likely to report better sexual function than those who didn’t use weed at all. When the researchers broke sexual function into more specific categories of desire for sex, physical sexual arousal, and orgasms, they found cannabis users reported more arousal and better orgasms, but not more desire than non-users.

However, the study does come with a few limitations. Since the study was small, the results can’t be generalizable for all and “should be interpreted cautiously,” the study authors wrote.

Regardless, previous research does suggest cannabis can boost a person’s sex drive and emotional intimacy and decrease sex-related anxiety.


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