Kiambu Man Who Murdered His Wife Was “Impotent”… Wife Was Pregnant Though…

Kiambu Man Who Murdered His Wife Was “Impotent”… Wife Was Pregnant Though…Photo Courtesy
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Kiambu Man Who Murdered His Wife Was “Impotent”… Wife Was Pregnant Though…

On Tuesday, August 3, a couple that was found dead inside their bedroom in Kiambu, in a murder-suicide case had a troubled relationship since March, K24 Digital can now reveal.

Family sources on Wednesday revealed that Jonathan Mukundi and his wife Philomena Njeri had parted ways for five months prior to her death.

Questions have also been raised on how the lady stayed for 12 years without getting pregnant but conceived just months after parting ways with the husband.

“They had lived together for over 10 years but at some point, the lady moved out following some differences. She was away for close to six months,” said the family source that spoke in confidence due to the sensitivity of the matter.

Kiambu Man Who Murdered His Wife Was “Impotent”… Wife Was Pregnant Though…Photo Courtesy

The last time Njeri was seen in the house is during her birthday that took place in March 2021.

Judging from photos shared on their social media sites, the two lovebirds seemed to have enjoyed their 10 years of marriage.

However, when Njeri parted ways with Mukundi, she came back pregnant which, according to the family source, must have irritated the man who is a licensed gun holder.

It remains unclear where she had gone to live.

Investigations by the police show that on Monday, August 2, Mukundi and Njeri had met at a busy joint located along Kiambu road.

Attendants at the joint said that they sat for close to three hours as they conversed in low tones.

When the meeting was done, the duo went separate ways but Mukundi later convinced Njeri to join him in his house.

Police believe that it is in the bedroom that the lady confessed to being pregnant. Njeri has never been pregnant for the 12 years she lived with Mukundi.

Mukundi’s friends said that he was a good-hearted man but could easily get irritated.

Police were told about the rare silence of the two lovebirds on Monday leading to a house search. It is then that their lifeless bodies were found inside the bedroom.

Kiambu County police commander Mohamed Badel said that they suspect the man killed the lady before turning the gun to himself.

“We suspect that the man first shot the lady before turning the gun to himself. Police were asked to help find their whereabouts after they went silent and could not be reached,” he said.

Suicide and murder cases have been on the rise in the recent past. So worrying is the trend that it caught the attention of Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) boss George Kinoti.

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