Red Flags You Should Look Out For On A First Date

Lessons You Should Look Out For On A First Date
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Red Flags You Should Look Out For On A First Date

New relationships are fun and exciting, and they turn your tummy into those mushy, so-disgusting-kind-of-cute butterfly knots. And for those entering new relationships, it can be easy to want to spend all your time with this new person who’s giving you a major glow.

But first, here is what you should look out for on your first date.

Want to itemize everything

Someone who brings up consistently who contacted who first, who said what first, etc. When you suggest splitting the bill, they want to itemize it. When you ask a question, you are told that they already shared that information. Ick!

Criticizes their exes

If your new date spends your first date being excessively critical of an ex, including calling them ‘Satan’ or other derogatory nicknames, run! You may be dating a narcissist!

Lessons You Should Look Out For On A First Date

Overdoes the romance without any solid solution

When you meet for the very first time and they just seem to be too good to be true, they probably are. It might seem romantic, but better watch out if they start giving you gifts, complimenting you to the extreme, and becoming way too affectionate too early.

This tactic is called love bombing. When you haven’t built any foundation yet to your relationship but they are already treating you as if you are the love of their life, they are, in fact, lulling you into a false sense of security.

Is too gross too soon

We should all be comfortable with our partners and accept that bodily stuff exists. But if you’ve ever seen how hot dogs get made, you know that sometimes it’s better to find out something is tasty before you see behind-the-scenes footage. Being super crass in that first get-together could mean their attitude toward self-care is not something you want to be in bed with.

Checks their phone constantly but takes forever to text you back

If you are on a first date and the person you are meeting can’t give you their attention for a couple of hours, this is a red flag and impolite. If they don’t value giving you attention now, this could definitely be a sign of things to come.

Brings up emotional wounds from childhood on the first date

The first date should be about chill, casual courting. If things move too personal and deep too fast, this could mean that trauma from childhood was not left in childhood but is still haunting the individual in their present. The inability to process emotions and deal with them in the past can lead to problems in their adult life.

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