e-Biz Kwa Vijana Set To Help Youth liverage Digital Platforms and Marketplaces

e-Biz Kwa Vijana Set To Help Youth liverage Digital Platforms and Marketplaces
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e-Biz Kwa Vijana Set To Help Youth liverage Digital Platforms and Marketplaces

USAID has partnered with Brighter Monday Kenya to launch the e-biz Kwa Vijana initiative to equip young entrepreneurs to expand market opportunities through online trading.

BrighterMonday Kenya, the leading talent matching platform in Kenya will also oversee the implementation of the e-Biz Kwa Vijana (e-Commerce for Youth) project, along with the eTrade Alliance implementing partners Nextrade Group and Palladium.

The project will equip young entrepreneurs with the necessary tools and knowledge to expand their market opportunities through online trading.

Speaking during the launch, USAID Mission Director David Gosney said “USAID is proud to partner with BrighterMonday Kenya to implement the eBiz Kwa Vijana project to support Kenya’s young MSMes, rural and women entrepreneurs, and people with disabilities with business opportunities through e-commerce, and in growing Kenya’s digital economy”

e-Biz Kwa Vijana Set To Help Youth liverage Digital Platforms and Marketplaces

The project targets to empower 1,000 entrepreneurs to unlock opportunities both online and offline. It will also see 600 entrepreneurs on boarded onto the e-commerce platforms and market places.

BrighterMonday Kenya CEO Chris Otundo adds that “This program represents our commitment to bridging the talent gap in Africa and unlocking opportunities for economic empowerment. By embracing technology, entrepreneurs can unlock new avenues for growth and expand their reach beyond traditional boundaries. We are excited to see the transformative journey the beneficiaries will experience as they learn how to connect, engage, and succeed in their businesses”

Equipping the young entrepreneurs will improve their livelihoods and incomes while increasing their chances of creating productive and sustainable job opportunities.

“The name “eBiz Kwa Vijana” reflects our focus on youth. In Swahili, it translates to “e-Business for Youth,” emphasizing our dedication to empowering the next generation.The growth of Kenya’s digital economy is not only a testament to the country’s forward-thinking policies but also a reflection of the entrepreneurial spirit of its people. Digital commerce provides a platform for small businesses to reach new markets, increase their efficiency, and ultimately drive economic growth. ”  Implores George Mbithi, Palladium Senior Communications Manager

By fostering partnerships with key stakeholders in the ecommerce landscape, the project aims to drive sector-wide growth and establish an ecosystem that supports and nurtures online entrepreneurship and creates productive jobs for the youth. Through joint efforts, stakeholders will work together to overcome challenges, share best practices, and create an enabling environment for the e-commerce sector.

“Ecommerce is a critical means for small businesses and young entrepreneurs to grow and thrive, the core objective of the eTrade Alliance programs. We are delighted to partner with BrighterMonday, with foundational support from USAID, in launching the eBiz Kwa Vijana project in Kenya and delivering on the Alliance’s goals.” Michael Poor, Nextrade Group – Sr. Manager, eTrade Alliance Africa programs.

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