Azimio Asks It’s MPs To Reject The Finance Bill

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Azimio Asks It’s MPs To Reject The Finance Bill

Legislators from Azimio la Umoja Coalition have vowed to shoot down the controversial Finance Bill to be tabled before the House on Tuesday, next week.
Azimio co-principal Kalonzo Musyoka warned that each Kenyan citizen might have to shoulder an additional Sh 24,000 in taxes if the proposed legislation is passed by the National Assembly.

Musyoka reaffirmed the opposition’s commitment to vehemently contest the bill, despite their minority status in the house.

“If the bill is enacted as proposed, Kenyans must brace themselves for substantial financial strain in the form of increased taxes under the Kenya Kwanza regime,” Musyoka stated.

The Azimio La Umoja Coalition has also raised concerns about the Sh 23.6 billion increase in recurrent expenditures, including allocations to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Sh 1.4 billion), the National Treasury (Sh 6 billion), and the Ministry of Transport (Sh 1.3 billion).

This is not development but blatant embezzlement disguised as expenses for tea, snacks, and flowers,” Musyoka remarked. “It’s their turn to feast

Leader of Minority at the National Assembly Opiyo Wandayi expressed disappointment with the current regime for its failure to plug the budget deficit and consequently “overburdening” Kenyans with taxes.

He termed the budget over-ambitious and a basis for the Finance Bill to introduce more tax-raising measures.

“We are giving the Finance Committee until Monday to consider the submissions of Kenyans during public participation. If the report does not meet our expectations, as Azimio we are going to mobilize to reject that Finance Bill,” he said.

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