Charlie Charlie The Demonic Game Is Back

Charlie Charlie The Demonic Game Is Back
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Trending Online Challenge That Poses Harm to Kenyan Children

trending online challenge in Kenya has been decoded, from its originality, myths surrounding it, and how it may harm individuals who play or associate with it, especially children.

Dubbed Charlie Charlie, the challenge has been shared on YouTube by a number of Kenyan youth and has also trended on Twitter globally.

Charlie Charlie The Demonic Game Is Back

Charlie is said to be a demon that is called upon to answer questions in an internationally popular game called Charlie Charlie, which has gripped the Internet.

The game involves balancing two pencils in a cross shape over the words “yes” or “no” on a paper. Players ask questions that are supposedly answered by the mysterious demon named Charlie, who moves the top pencil by rotating it.

The game first emerged via Twitter and caused a craze worldwide in 2015, but there are concerns that it is slowly creeping back.

A video shared by Kenyan youth on Friday, January 8, showed them claiming that one of them had fainted hence advised others not to play the game.

However, many other similar accounts have flooded Kenyan YouTube channels for the past few days, with Charlie Charlie players reporting funny bodily happenings after attempting to play the game.

BBC Mundo’s Maria Elena Naavez in an article dated May 26, 2015, added that “There’s no supernatural called ‘Charlie’ in Mexico (where it is claimed to have originated). Mexican legends often come from ancient Aztec and Maya history, or from the many beliefs that began circulating during the Spanish conquest,” she said.

Fact checks revealed that no physical harms were ever reported as alleged and that the game was harmless, only that it may affect those who want to believe in it. Psychologists added that it may derive fear, the quest for an unknown existence which may affect behaviour and thoughts.  For example, an individual may start breathing heavily.

If you have done the challenge, what was your experience?

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