Deadly Gonorrhea In Nairobi

Deadly Gonorrhea In Nairobi
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Deadly Gonorrhea In Nairobi

A new pathogen of gonorrhea has camped in Nairobi endangering the lives of many. Experts have expressed concern as they reveal that many city dwellers are bearing the disease which poses a huge threat to their reproductive health as reported by The Star.

The findings are from a study carried out last year after samples were derived from a sick 24-year-old sex worker. The researchers from the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KeMRI) stated that those with the disease rarely exhibit any clinical signs or symptoms.

Deadly Gonorrhea In Nairobi

They add that the disease resists the drugs that are normally used to combat it. “The results showed complete resistance to all the antimicrobials,” Amina Abdullahi, a KeMRI researcher, is quoted by The Star as having said.

The findings suggest that the disease is majorly transmitted by the city’s ladies of the night. The researchers argue that the ladies focus more on protecting themselves against HIV, forgetting other STIs that would equally affect them.

It is advisable that “when hitting it, hit it with a condom” Best wishes


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