5 Ways To Tighten Your Vagina Naturally

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5 Ways To Tighten Your Vagina Naturally

People consider the tightness of the vagina as central to sexual pleasure. Though not true, it is believed that the vagina can lose its elasticity and become loose forever.

A healthy vagina is a key to pelvic health and overall happiness. Vaginal laxity can be overcome by some easy, painless, natural options:

Kegel Exercise

This involves squeezing the muscles in the pelvic floor, lifting them inwards and upwards.  Although there are many benefits of Kegel exercises for women and they are a proven and effective method for regaining tone, ‘tightness’, and strength. In many cases (when done manually) they are performed incorrectly putting undue pressure on the abdomen.

Squat Exercise

Squatting exercise has proved to be fruitful for people looking for a toned lower body. Squat has also always been a part of gym routines. But not many may be aware that squats are also good for vagina tightening.  For those who have not been introduced to this exercise, squat can be done simply.

Glute Bridges

They are great for tightening the vagina, while lying down. Positioning the knees up and parted slightly apart with feet touching the floor, slowly but surely raising the hips up off the floor and tensing the glutes, form a bridge from the shoulders touching the floor and hold at the top, before slowly bringing the hips back down.


Now, who doesn’t know about Yoga, anybody?  Yoga has been proven to be one of the most effective ways for good mental and physical health. Practice yoga on a regular basis and that will help you tighten your vaginal muscles. Yoga has several pelvic floor exercises like the Bridge Pose that are excellent for tightening pelvic muscles.

Pelvic Stretch

As the name suggests, this one is specifically done only to strengthen the pelvic muscles. It is pretty easy to do the pelvic stretch. You need to sit on the edge of a chair and spread your legs. Keep your hands on your knees and point your elbows outside. Bend towards your ankles and spread your arms. You need to fold your pelvis area inside.  This exercise is one of the most effective ways of strengthening vaginal muscles and tightening your vagina.

Do these exercises daily at least for 15 minutes and see how your problems are solved. Enjoy your sex

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