Mahindi Choma? This Is For You

Mahindi Choma? This Is For You
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Mahindi Choma? This Is For You

Kenyans love mahindi choma with pili pili especially when hot off the wire mesh. It is good to know what benefits they hold and you can as well as help tell those who do not know what roasted maize can bring to their bodies.

Mahindi Choma? This Is For You

Helps in the development of the foetus.

Pregnant mothers should a lot of roasted maize given that it helps in the development of the foetus. This is because they are rich in essential folic acid which plays a crucial role in ensuring the foetus undergoes the necessary development while in the womb.

Reduces the risk of periodontal diseases.

Most of the bacteria present in our teeth are behind the cause of some periodontal diseases. To provide relief, eat roasted as it will help in the rubbing of these bacteria and as long as they are killed, their harmful effects and diseases they cause will be eliminated in the process maintaining good health of your teeth.

Helps In digestion.

Eating roasted maize works miracles in ensuring digestion is well activated. This is process is aided by the important fibre contents found in roasted maize that helps achieve this function as well as ensuring the digestive system works properly.

Maintains the health of the heart.

Roasted maize is rich in essential components which plays a great role in keeping your heart in a healthy condition. To achieve this, roasted maize helps in ensuring cholesterol levels are reduced significantly and hence controlling the blood flow and its pressure preventing you from risks of heart issues such heart attacks and heart diseases caused by high levels of cholesterol in your blood.

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