Women In Africa (WIA) And The Coca-Cola Foundation Empowering Women

Women In Africa (WIA) and The Coca-Cola Foundation join forces to empower 20,000 women entrepreneurs in 10 African countries.
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Women In Africa (WIA) and The Coca-Cola Foundation join forces to empower 20,000 women entrepreneurs in 10 African countries.

Women in Africa (WIA), the world’s international platform for the economic development and support of African women entrepreneurs in partnership with The Coca-Cola Foundation have launched a program that aims to impact 20,000 women entrepreneurs from 10 African countries over the next three years.

In its first year, the programme aims to support women entrepreneurs based in 3 countries: Kenya, Ivory Coast, and Nigeria.

“We are excited to roll out this new initiative as it will play a critical role in accelerating our focus on how we impact women and the communities that we operate in. We are particularly happy to have Kenya as one of the beneficiary countries in phase 1, as it will enable us build on the previous milestones from our 5by20 programme (empower 5 million women by 2020 worldwide) where we were able to economically empower up to 800,000 women in Kenya alone, and 2 million Africa-wide in a span of 5 years…”

“Women empowerment remains one of our key pillars in driving the sustainability agenda and we are keen to bring on board more initiatives that deliver the desired positive impact in the lives of women in Kenya and Africa” said Debra Mallowah, Vice President, East and Central Africa Franchise.

The program dubbed JAMII Femmes” seeks innovative solutions to bring positive changes in Africa by improving the quality of life for thousands of people and will allow participants to receive support through online training, networking, mentorship and local bootcamps.

“Our aim is to give African women access to resources and to champion initiatives that can set them up for success. This programme will impact 20,000 women entrepreneurs and indirectly impact over 60,000 persons. Opening pathways to their success is the key to Africa’s rise.” said Hafsat Abiola, President of Women in Africa.

Women In Africa (WIA) and The Coca-Cola Foundation join forces to empower 20,000 women entrepreneurs in 10 African countries.

7,000 impactful women entrepreneurs will be selected to take part in an online training programme from August to November 2022. The sessions which will be conducted by WIA’s knowledge partner while Africa’s first and largest network of private higher education institutions, Honoris United Universities, will equip the women to take a principled approach to design creative ideas, and gain knowledge on leadership and managerial skills.

From this pool of women, more than 600 entrepreneurs will receive grants to support their business development and increase their impact on communities. In January 2023, 70 selected beneficiaries will benefit from a 2-week accelerator programme. They will receive a comprehensive support package as well as mentoring sessions with experts. At the end of the programme, one laureate from each country will receive a $10,000 (App. Kshs. 1M) prize to support their project.

“The initiative will boost business creation opportunities by improving access to vocational training, networks, finance and markets.  By addressing the key gaps faced by women entrepreneurs in Africa at such a large scale, this programme is a game-changer for the continent”, Said Patricia Obozuwa, Vice President for Public Affairs, Communication and Sustainability at Coca-Cola Africa,

For more than a decade, The Coca-Cola Foundation has supported programs across the world empowering women to thrive.

“We are committed to preparing women for professional jobs or to launch and grow their own businesses. The “JAMII Femmes” initiative will have profound impact throughout the continent of Africa by supporting women through education, financial literacy, entrepreneurial training, and mentorship. It addresses those known barriers preventing women entrepreneurs from succeeding in the marketplace” said Saadia Madsbjerg, President of The Coca-Cola Foundation.”

The roll out in Kenya will include a call for applications/proposals from interested participants in the next few days, to run through the month of May. Ms Mallowah, under whose East & Central Africa Franchise Kenya falls, added “Our interest is to see as many Kenyan entrepreneurs selected to participate in this transformational programme. I, therefore, urge women entrepreneurs out there to respond positively for maximum benefit for Kenya.”

“We will also be informing you in the next couple of weeks, of an ongoing process to appoint a guiding advisory board of inspirational Kenyan women leaders to steer this programme effectively, together let’s make it happen.” said Ms Mallowah.


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