“Tumwambie ama tumuache?” Kenyans laugh at the class six pupil future plans

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When it comes to ambitions most of us wish we had a little more. We may look at our colleagues, our peers, or maybe random men and women on the street who just look like they have it all put together.

But what makes up ambition? What are the habits of ambitious people? What are the secrets of how to be more ambitious? How can you get over this lack of ambition slump you may be in?

These are some of the hilarious replies Kenyans had for the class six girl who shared her future plans and ambitions with her sister.

This post attracted a lot of hilarious comments from social media lovers, many of them discouraging the little girl saying that she will be in a rude shock after finding out the reality of life.

Felicity Gitonga
Felicity Gitonga is the founder of Africa Business News. abn, freelance writer, journalist, and author with a passion for telling stories.

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