Reasons Why Women Stay With Cheating Men

Reasons Why Women Stay With Cheating Men
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Reasons Why Women Stay With Cheating Men

Stand by your cheating man or kick him to the curb? It’s not a decision any woman wants to make, but many have after their philandering mates were caught.

Sure, Elin Nordegren left Tiger Woods and Sandra Bullock left Jesse James: but, not every woman chooses to move on.

Reasons Why Women Stay With Cheating Men

She doesn’t want to be alone

Fear of being alone keeps people in all kinds of horrible situations and relationships. When your husband takes up with a prettier, shapelier – perhaps even younger – woman, it doesn’t inspire confidence that you still got it goin’ on. Insecurity can be enough glue to stick with a marriage.

Her finances take a hit.

Women’s greatest fear is they will become bag ladies. In their minds, they would be leaving him for a life of poverty just because he’s been cavorting elsewhere. studies show an ex-wife’s standard of living drops more than 25% and they are also more likely to lose other essentials, such as health insurance and their homes.

She’s emotionally invested in her man

For many women, their husbands are an essential part of the family tapestry, and disentangling it would be devastating. Over their lifetimes, these women can see their men for the contributions they’ve made, for the role they play in their lives, in their families. So they think hard before throwing it away.

Her professional status is tied to his.

Many educated women still put their careers second, behind their husbands. A wife can lose her status because of divorce If you’re married to a governor, you’re a governor’s wife. Otherwise, you’re just his ex-wife.

She’ll lose friends.

Adding insult to injury, a divorcing wife risks breaking up her social circle as well, especially if it was exclusively other married couples. Sad but true: A solo woman is considered a threat to the stability of other relationships and married friends often pull away.

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