Security Guard Finally Graduates From Law School

Peterson Moturi, a security guard graduated with a diploma in law last Friday at the Kenya School of Law. Photo Courtesy
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Security Guard Finally Graduates From Law School

Peterson Moturi was one of the few students who arrived early for a graduation ceremony at the Kenya School of Law (KSL) on Friday.

Clad in a graduation gown, Mr Moturi somehow looked different from his colleagues because of the security guard uniform underneath the gown.

For him, the day was particularly special because it represented the struggles, pain and difficulties he had endured to achieve his dream of becoming a lawyer.

“Ten years ago, becoming a lawyer was just a dream for me. But now I know that dreams can become a reality if you believe and work hard to achieve them,” he said.

He graduated with a diploma in law. Working as a guard for Radar Security, Mr Moturi’s story is a true definition of the phrase hard work pays.

Hailing from a humble background, he moved from Nyamira County to Nairobi in 2014 to find a better life for himself.

Peterson Moturi, a security guard graduated with a diploma in law last Friday at the Kenya School of Law. Photo Courtesy

Different car washes

“I would hawk drinking water and groundnuts in the streets to make a living. At night, before I got the job as a security guard, I would work at different car washes in the city.”

Because his goal was to join law school, he saved Sh50,000, which he used to pay for his admission.

“I applied for admission to the Kenya School of Law in 2016 and I was successful, but I lacked school fees and could not go on with my studies.

“Luckily, I was able to receive some help from Mr PLO Lumumba, who was then the school director. He offered me a scholarship.”

He worked at night and attended class during the day. But because he only scored a pass in his final exams, he could not move to the next stage, becoming a lawyer.

“Unfortunately, I scored a pass and I could not move ahead. I needed to attain at least a credit to qualify for admission for a law degree. I had to reapply for the diploma course,” he said.

That meant he had to find money to pay for his courses. Mr. Moturi decided to approach his employer, Radar security, for help.

“I was honest with my boss and I told him that I did not pass, but since they had promised to pay for my degree, why wouldn’t they sponsor me to retake the diploma course? They agreed,” he said.

“Now I am a joyful man. I am graduating with a credit score. It is a dream come true for me. I can now go ahead and pursue a law degree and become an advocate,” he said.

Mr. Moturi desires to help the vulnerable in society access justice.

Even after graduating, Mr. Moturi still turns up for his night duties hoping to one day graduate with a degree and join the legal fraternity as an advocate ( the diploma can only allow him to work as a paralegal).


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