It Is An Alliance Of Corrupt Leaders, Raila Insists

It Is An Alliance Of Corrupt Leaders Raila Insists
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Kenya Kwanza Is An Alliance Of Corrupt Leaders, Raila Says

ODM Party Leader Raila Odinga says Deputy President William Ruto can’t be trusted with leadership saying he is surrounded by corrupt people.

Speaking in Murang’a Raila didn’t mince his words likening Ruto to a hyena saying his tenure in government is riddled with corruption.

Raila said Ruto has now partnered with other corrupt leaders so that they can fleece the Country.

“I know these people, I have worked with them in Government. I made one of them Minister for Agriculture but he couldn’t deliver so I sacked him,” He said.

It Is An Alliance Of Corrupt Leaders Raila Insists

He warned Kenyans to be wary of such leaders saying Kenya deserves better.

Raila mobilized the people of Murangá to register as voters and vote for him on 9th August saying the region should reciprocate the good gesture he has shown them since independence.

He said if elected President, he will fight corruption and ensure all government funds are utilized appropriately.

Raila downplayed the Bottom up economy model associated with Ruto saying he has a better plan for Kenyans. He said the Baba Care program will ensure Kenyans from all walks of life have access to quality healthcare without discrimination.

Raila further noted that his government will avail loans for small and micro-businesses that will be payable after seven years.

He said his government will set aside a social care kitty that will cater for single mothers to economically improve their lives.

Leaders present among them Roads CS James Macharia, former MP Peter Kenneth, Murangá Woman Rep Sabina Chege, Mathioya MP Peter Kimari assured Raila of their support in his bid to be the 5th president of Kenya saying they will mobilize support for him in the region.

During the event, Raila was presented with a memoranda by Murangá leaders as well as shoes which Sabina said will enable him to climb the mountain.

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