Here Is Why Not Everyone Want Kids

Here Is Why Not Everyone Want Kids
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Here Is Why Not Everyone Want Kids

When it comes to embarking on the journey of parenthood, lots of millennials are saying, “Meh. No, thanks.”

This trend is interesting, in part because there’s long been a taboo associated with people (particularly, women) choosing to opt-out of parenthood. Women who choose not to have kids have been referred to as “shallow and self-absorbed” and even the pope has said the decision not to procreate is fundamentally “selfish.”

Here Is Why Not Everyone Want Kids

Children are expensive

It is just simple; they are damn expensive. With loans to pay, a declining economy, and unemployment at an all-time high, children are not financially feasible

The world is not always a nice place

Some would prefer to not bring a child into a world full of chaos. Sometimes the decision to not be a parent is as simple as wanting to spare a child from having to live in a world of jerks. Citing factors like global inequality, bullying or a general discontent with society, many readers don’t want their offspring to have to deal with the world’s problems.

Here Is Why Not Everyone Want Kids

Career ambitions become a priority

Sometimes ambition takes precedence and nurturing and growing a career is just so important to some.

Not all women are preprogrammed with maternal instincts.

Much like comedian Margaret Cho, who once joked that she “ovulates sand,” many women say that they simply do not feel they were born with motherly urges.

Fertility Issues

While one might assume that infertility only affects older women, some millennials struggle to naturally conceive as well. For some women, this can lead them to reconsider whether they even want a kid in the first place.

No reason at all

For some, there is no underlying reason for their decision. The choice is the foundation of freewill after all.

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