Cash Transfer Program beneficiaries

Inua Jamii
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8.8 billion shillings to be disbursed to vulnerable families under beginning Monday

 Thursday’s directive by President Uhuru Kenyatta has seen the ministry of labor and social protection release 8,754,196 000 shillings for payment to beneficiaries enrolled in the cash transfer programs.

The ministry also released 500 million shillings to clear arrears owed to persons living with severe disabilities under the cash transfer program. 1,094,238 beneficiaries will each receive eight thousand being January to February and March to April 2020 payment cycles.

Inua Jamii

The money will be accessed through Kenya Commercial Bank, Equity Bank, Post Bank, and Cooperative Bank contracted to pay beneficiaries starting Monday 20th April 2020.

The money will be available in the accounts for partial or full withdrawal for six months and there is no need for overcrowding at payment points said labor and Social Protection Principal Secretary Nelson Marwa.

The cash is being disbursed as part of the government’s initiatives to cushion the vulnerable from the impact of COVID -19 Pandemic.

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