Catholic Bishops To IEBC

Catholic Bishops To IEBC
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Catholic Bishops To IEBC

Catholic bishops have urged the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) to instill confidence in the validity of the general election to pre empty chaos in the country.

Addressing a press conference on behalf of other bishops, Nyeri catholic archbishop Anthony Muheria said it is important for the commission to explain to Kenyans the steps they are taking to ensure the polls are free and fair.

“We want to urge the Chebukati-led commission to explain to Kenyans their process from voting up to tallying in Nairobi so that Kenyans can believe and see polls without any shred of unfairness to candidates. This will instill confidence among Kenyans who will then believe the outcome of this election that is free and fair,” he stated

Catholic Bishops To IEBC

Muheria however urged the government departments that are supposed to assist IEBC to play their part in conjunction with those Kenyans who have been hired to man the voting process.

At the same time, the bishops called on politicians to tone down their abuses against each other in public and conduct mature campaigns. He urged those who will lose in the forthcoming general election to accept the outcome to safeguard the country from post elections chaos.

“Politicians should tone down their abuses at each other which unfortunately are growing louder day by day they should conduct themselves with decorum since we are not interested in their abuses but their development plans they should treat us with the respect that we deserve as Kenyans,” he said.

Muheria further urged Kenyans to vote wisely saying incompetent and corrupt leaders have led to underdevelopment at the expense of the electorate.

“Kenyans should reason wisely even if a politician comes and tells you that in the first days of their leadership the cost of living especially “unga” will be lowered you should at the back of your mind reason that it hard work by Kenyans that will lower costs, not politicians, do not allow yourself to swallow cheap promises reinforced with cash but vote wisely,” Muheria stated

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