20th Edition Of The Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon

20th Edition Of The Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon
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Alphonce Kigen And Evaline Chirchir Emerge Top In The 42km Race Category At The 20th Edition Of The Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon

  • This year’s marathon attracted over 73 elite athletes and over 21,000 recreational runners.
  • The marathon also hosted 3 satellite runs in Kakamega, Mombasa and Kisumu.

Alphonce Kigen and Evaline Chirchir have won the 42 Kilometers individual men and women categories in the 20th edition of the Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon. Over 73  elite athletes, 200 Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) and over 20,000 recreational runners participated in the marathon.

20th Edition Of The Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon

The marathon was attended by 22,000 participants. The start and finishing points were at Uhuru Gardens, Langata Road. Runners used the scenic route on the Southern bypass for the physical marathon thus experiencing a great view of the Nairobi National Park.

The marathon featured  six race categories: 42km men and women, 21km men and women, 10km men and women, 21km wheelchair men and women, 5km Family Fun Run race and the Corporate Relay Challenge. The winners are highlighted below:

Race Category Male Female
10KM 1.    Stanley Njihia Kamau:28:36

2.    Shadrack Musyoka :29:02

3.    Evans Mayaka : 29:05



1.    Loise Chemnung : 31:54

2.    Gladys Chepkurui: 32:13

3.    Betty Sigei :33:23


21KM 1.    Justus Kiprop : 1:02:39

2.    Jackson Kipleting: 1:02:43

3.    Asbel Kiplimo: 1:03:02


1.    Jacqueline Chelal: 1:11:18

2.    Edith Jepchumba: 1:11:56

3.    Nancy Jepleting : 1:12:18


21KM Wheelchair Race 1.    Odiyo Henry Caleb: 1:32:21

2.    Samuel Kuria: 1:40:28

3.    Milton Hilahuya: 1:46:28

1.    Alar Rachel Akoth: 2:02:35

2.    Caroline Wanjira: 2:24:52

3.    Eunice Otieno: 2:26:03



42KM 1.    Alphonce Kigen: 2:10:18

2.    Moses Mwangi: 2:10:26

3.    Lameck Kibiwot: 2:11:00

1.    Evaline Chirchir: 2:24:31

2.    Aurelia Jerotich: 2:26:49

3.    Sheila Chepkech: 2:27:16





The top 3 race winners are:

Race Category NAME Time
10KM 1.    Stanley Njihia Kamau 28:36
2.    Shadrack Musyoka 29:02
3.    Evans Mayaka 29:05
21KM 1.    Justus Kiprop 1:02:39
2.    Jackson Kipleting 1:02:43
3.    Asbel Kiplimo 1:03:02
21KM Wheelchair Race 1.    Odiyo Henry Caleb 1:32:21
2.    Samuel Kuria 1:40:28
3.    Milton Hilahuya



42KM 1.    Alphonce Kigen 2:10:18
2.    Moses Mwangi 2:10:26
3.    Lameck Kibiwot 2:11:00
Race Category NAME Time
10KM 1.    Loice Chemnung 31:54
2.    Gladys Chepkurui 32:13
3.    Betty Sigei 33:23
21KM 1.    Jacqueline Chelal 1:11:18
2.    Edith Chemjor 1:11:56
3.    Nancy Jepleting 1:12: 18
21KM Wheelchair Race 1.    Alar Rachel Akoth 2:02:35
2.    Caroline Wanjira 2:24:52
3.    Eunice Otieono 2:26:03
42KM 1.    Evaline Chirchir 2:24:31
2.    Aurelia Jerotich 2:26:49
3.    Sheila Chepkech 2:27: 16



Name : KDF (1) PRIZE: KSH 100,000
1.    Cornelius Korir   30:43
2.    Barton Melly       31:41
3.    Moses Kemboi    32:06

4.    Denis Kilee  32:06

Speaking at the conclusion of the 20th edition of the marathon, Peter Gitau, Chairman, Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon Local Organizing Committee said,
“This year marks a significant milestone as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of this incredible marathon. Over the past two decades, we have witnessed an amazing journey of growth, and I am honoured to be a part of this celebration.”

He continued and stated, “Our marathon is not just about running; it’s about making a real difference in the lives of those who need it the most. Standard Chartered Bank, in partnership with our sponsors, uses this event as a powerful vehicle to promote greater economic inclusion, especially for disadvantaged young people. We take pride in the fact that all the proceeds from this marathon are dedicated to our ‘Future Makers’ initiative, which focuses on creating a brighter future for the youth of Kenya.

Standard Chartered partnered with Anti-Doping Agency of Kenya (ADAK) to ensure the results were credible. Additionally, every participant  received a tree seedling to plant at a place of their choice through the marathon’s ‘one tree per runner’ initiative.

20th Edition Of The Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon

All proceeds will be channeled towards the bank’s Futuremakers initiative where the bank is working with disadvantaged young people – especially girls and persons with disabilities to gain new skills and expertise to improve their chances of getting a job or starting their own business. Futuremakers empowers the next generation to learn, earn and grow by focusing on education, employability, and entrepreneurship.

Prize Money

Position Physical 42KM Physical 21KM Physical 21KM Wheelchair Physical 10KM
1 KES 2,000,000 KES 300,000 KES 300,000 KES 200,000
2 KES 750,000 KES 150,000 KES 150,000 KES 150,000
3 KES 500,000 KES 100,000 KES 100,000 KES 100,000
4 KES 150,000  
5 KES 100,000
6 KES 50,000
7 KES 40,000
8 KES 30,000
9 KES 20,000
10 KES 10,000



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