Nakuru County Accused Of Sabotaging War Against Alcoholism.

Nakuru County Accused Of Sabotaging War Against Alcoholism. Photo Courtesy
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Nakuru County Accused Of Sabotaging War Against Alcoholism.

Religious leaders and youths in Bahati Sub-county, Nakuru, have accused the County Government in doing little in the fight against alcoholism.

Led by Rev Peter Kabiru chairman Save the Young Generation group said the Governor revoked licenses after Hodi hodi tragedy where more than ten people died after consuming illicit brew August this year but the bars are fully operational with licenses today.

“In as much as it is the Governors’ business to generate revenue, it is also our business to fight against drug abuse and alcoholism,” said Mr Kabiru.

He spoke during a sensitization meeting where more than 100 youths from Hodihodi met at KAG church Maili Sita where Kabiru urged residents to join the government in the war against drug abuse, especially among the youthful population which if not checked would hamper the economic growth of the country.

Nakuru County Accused Of Sabotaging War Against Alcoholism. Photo Courtesy

Kabiru faulted County governments for irregularly licensing bars thereby facilitating its abuse, and urged Parliament to review licensing guidelines to return standardization of alcohol to the national government.

Joseph Maigwa, a resident of Maili Sita who is addicted to the illicit brew, blamed his habit on unemployment.

Maigwa said his habit cannot put his health at risk as he eats well before consuming the brew.

“I rarely work all day as I only get contracts that might last an hour. Sometimes my economic situation is very frustrating and this, therefore, leads me to drink the brew,” he says.

Maigwa said the brew has destroyed the lives of more than ten people in his neighbouring village of hodi hodi.

The residents have appealed to the local administration to ban the brew lest they lose their lives.

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