Men With Bigger Bellies Last Longer In The Bedroom

Men With Bigger Bellies Last Longer In The Bedroom. Photo Courtesy
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Men With Bigger Bellies Last Longer In The Bedroom

While women all around the world pine for men with bulging biceps, ripped six-packs, and fit physiques, it turns out these men may not sexually satisfy as much as those with a bit of flab around the middle.

Research by the Erciyes University in Turkey published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine discovered that on average bigger men lasted 7.3 minutes or five minutes longer than their skinnier competition.

Men With Bigger Bellies Last Longer In The Bedroom. Photo Courtesy

According to the study’s findings, thin men lasted for around two minutes during sexual intercourse and were more likely to experience premature ejaculation. Researchers found as the BMI increased within the group, the number of participants experiencing premature ejaculation actually decreased.

It is believed having more fat around the stomach increases levels of a female sex hormone known as oestradiol. The hormone actually slows down the orgasm process in men. Because it is more common in bigger men, researchers believed this was what caused them to last longer.

The study by no means encourages men to live an unhealthy lifestyle and gain weight just to score points in the bedroom. While a bigger gut may prevent you from climaxing early, it could have other impacts on your sex life and overall health.

For one, obesity is known to target the penile vascular system, meaning there is not enough blood flow available to maintain an erection in the first place.

Obesity has been linked to an array of serious health problems including erectile dysfunction, although few studies have assessed the relationship between weight gain and premature ejaculation.

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