If Not Briquettes, What Else?: Bright Future Youth Group

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If Not Briquettes, What Else?: Bright Future Youth Group  

With minimal and competitive jobs in Kenya and the flooding number of youths completing high school and others graduating from different institutions life can be rocky. A single opportunity in every industry is always up for grabs with thousands of youth applying.

In this case, Bright Future Youth Group comprised of five members based in Nkuene Location, Imenti South Sub County, Meru County has taken a step further to eliminate poverty by eradicating unemployment among youths.

Bright Future Youth Group at work. Photo Courtesy

Driven by a common goal, the five members came together on 11th July 2019 and chose to start a briquette business. It was in good faith that they needed to be environmental champions.

Like any other industry, this too has its fair share of challenges. Since they sell their briquettes in hotels and restaurants, the COVID19 pandemic negatively impacted their business due to the imposed restrictions on eateries.

Even with the challenge, they have a reason to smile, thanks to Safaricom Foundation through Ndoto Zetu Initiative which gave them a crushing machine and a carbonizer for effectiveness and massive production.

Machine provided by Safaricom Foundation through Ndoto Zetu. Photo Courtesy Initiative

Lauding Safaricom Foundation, Justin Bundi the group’s chairman says “long live Safaricom for believing in the dreams of all Kenyans. Through you, we are happy that we’ve got the wings to fly.”

Using the machinery provided by Ndoto Zetu, they are now producing 15 bags of briquettes as opposed to the 5 bags they produced without the machinery. They sell each bag at Ksh50 per kilo and are now diversifying their business to producing papers, packing bags, and envelopes using banana leaves.


Moreen Ntinyari one of the groups’ members says “The mammoth step we’ve taken is because we’ve been carried by the giant shoulders: Safaricom. I have an opportunity to work now rather than idling. Thank you, Safaricom for being with us all through”

Their dream engraved in hard work, team spirit, and support from partners such as Safaricom Foundation, BFYG say they can expand their business and offer affordable and efficient fuel.

Felicity Gitonga
Felicity Gitonga is the founder of Africa Business News. abn, freelance writer, journalist, and author with a passion for telling stories.

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