You Have Until Sunday 8pm To Travel Into Or Out Of Zoned Areas Says Oguna

You Have Until Sunday 8pm To Travel Into Or Out Of Zoned Areas Says Oguna. Photo Courtesy
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Those wishing to travel into or out of Nairobi and other 4 Covid-19 infected zone areas have been given until tomorrow (Sunday) 8pm to travel.

In a press briefing Saturday, Government Spokesperson Cyrus Oguna said the transition period has been given to allow those who may be stranded to travel.

The grace period also applies to college students as well.

On Friday, President Uhuru Kenyatta announced a cessation of all movement by road, train or air in and out of Nairobi, Kajiado, Machakos, Kiambu and Nakuru Counties until otherwise notified.

Oguna also said that individuals who had bought SGR or airplane tickets are allowed to use them between today (Saturday) and next Monday 29th March 2021 by mid-day, a time upon which SGR and domestic flights in and out of the Zoned area shall be suspended

He noted that individuals who are holders of curfew passes will continue to use the old passes until new ones are issued by Tuesday next week. This includes healthcare workers, and Journalists, among others.

You Have Until Sunday 8pm To Travel Into Or Out Of Zoned Areas Says Oguna. Photo Courtesy

“Enterprises whose workforce are deployed in double shifts (day and night) such as factories and construction are not affected by the new measures. Operations of such companies will continue uninterrupted.” He added

Oguna noted that all domestic flights in and out of the Zoned area will be suspended from 29th March 2021 mid-day.

“International flights are however exempt from this, but international travellers must observe all COVID-19 protocols, which include possessing a COVID-19 negative certificate obtained within 96 hours before travel. Tourists who are coming to Kenya or had booked to travel to Kenya are urged not to cancel their bookings.” He added

On specialized treatment Oguna said individuals within the Zoned area will be addressed on a case by case basis upon proof of referral and obtaining clearance from the nearest Police Commander. The same applies for transportation of caskets, which must be disposed of within 72 hours.

“These measures may be inconveniencing and even disruptive to our livelihoods and activities. However, life is sacred, and we must protect it at all cost. The pain and anguish that COVID-19 has visited on many of us should be enough reason for us to work together to contain it. Let us be each other’s keeper by wearing our masks, washing and sanitizing our hands regularly, avoiding crowded areas, and maintaining social distancing. Let us persevere as we collectively combat this pandemic to enable us go back to as normal lives as soon as possible.” Urged Oguna

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