Worst Dating Advice Men Receive.

Five Worst Dating Advice Men Receive. Photo Courtesy
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Worst Dating Advice Men Receive.

You can’t stop getting annoyed at your partner for his terrible actions and decisions, his friend’s bad advice could be to blame.

Just like women who look for comfort and answers from their girlfriends when things start going south, so do men.

Problem is, he could be getting advice from single men who have no dating skills or from bitter men who have failed at marriages and relationships.

Considering how difficult relationships can be, even the best of us have those days when we don’t see eye to eye with our partners and everything feels like it is falling apart.

This however does not mean soaking in every piece of advice your sister or work colleague throws at you. Since you know your situation and partner best, it is up to you to know what to keep and what to ditch.

Five Worst Dating Advice Men Receive. Photo Courtesy

Here are some of the worst dating advice men tend to give each other:

You don’t have to tell her

You have probably heard this one, that what she doesn’t know wouldn’t hurt her right? Wrong. If there is something you’re doing that you wouldn’t be comfortable confiding in your partner then you have no business doing it.

And if something did already happen covering it up with more lies and keeping secrets from your partner will work against you if she finds out. Which eventually, she will.

  Don’t call her too soon

Well, this line is used to advice men so they don’t come off as desperate. The problem with this technique is she can lose interest in you or meet someone else during those few days you decided to dilly dally.

This may also make things worse if you had an argument or you did something that upset her. Taking too long to reach out to her will make her believe you don’t care and she may start checking out emotionally.

  Sleep around

Men are told to enjoy being with different women so that when they get married, if they choose to, they can finally get that out of the way.

Unfortunately, this only brings more emotional baggage, emotional ties and other issues that may lead to pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.

Attractive women are born everyday and you will come across them so it is up to you to make the important decision of commitment and loyalty to the only woman you love.

  Bring up other women

Apparently, some men think that bringing up several women into a discussion makes them look manly. How this hilarious advice is meant to work is by making you feel jealous and think that he is on demand.

Not only is this rude but it comes across as stand-offish. The impression it gives of you is you can’t be trusted and you have no self-control whatsoever when it comes to women.

  If she won’t have sex leave her

Five Worst Dating Advice Men Receive. Photo Courtesy

Some men out here actually believe that lack of sexual intimacy should be grounds for breaking up. What they forget is there is no correlation between her character and how soon she gives it up.

One woman may sleep with you on the first date and another will not have sex until she is officially married. Depending on which end of the stick you get, it does not guarantee that she is a genuine or bad person.

There are some women who use sex as leverage and you may have to deal with some painful consequences if you make the wrong decision based purely on sex.


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